Celeb Dads Show Off Their 3 Favorite Parenting Hacks

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Even when you’re a star, parenting has a learning curve. But everyone learns along the way, so we brought in entertainer dads Ricky Paull Goldin, Donnell Rawlings and DJ Skribble of TLC’s new reality show “Project Dad” to share some of their favorite tricks of the trade.

Tip 1: Help Toddler Get Their Shoes on the Right Feet with Stickers

Anyone who has been around a toddler for long than three seconds has probably heard them proclaim some variation on, “I want to do it myself.” And a universal favorite toddler activity is dressing themselves, but it can be hard for little ones to tell the right shoe from the left. Ricky, dad of 6-year-old Kai, came up with a brilliant solution -- cut a sticker in half and put one half in each shoe. The child has to “match up” the halves of the sticker before putting his or her shoes on.

Tip 2: Keep Germs off Baby’s Pacifier with Takeout Cups

Babies love pacifiers. And parents like to keep their babies germ-free, which means keeping that pacifier as clean as possible. This can be tricky while traveling (think: subway, airport, city street) but Donnell, who has a young son, has a cost-effective solution that you can find almost anywhere -- use little ketchup takeout cups! Just throw the container into your stroller or bag and rest assured that baby’s binky will remain pristine.

Tip 3: Serve up a Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream with These DIY Frozen Yogurt Pops

If your kids love ice cream (and really… whose don’t) but you want to serve them a healthier alternative, this trick from dad of three DJ Skribble, could not be easier or more delicious. Just take an unopened individual container of yogurt, slice a small hole in the top, stick a popsicle stick in, then freeze. Instant frozen yogurt pops! (And good luck keeping them on hand… these make a great snack for moms and dads, too.)

Watch below to see the guys play a hilarious game of "Would You Rather?" backstage after our interview!


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