Richard Blais on Using Office Tools (and More) in the Kitchen to Win a Woman’s Heart

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When viewer Jessica told Rachael her husband Dave was “clueless” in the kitchen, Rachael knew who to send in.

Top Chef and restaurateur Richard Blais talked David through red wine spaghetti with mushrooms and chicken, giving all the tips and tricks via an earpiece. As Richard says, “Italian food is so incredibly romantic.”

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Jessica can’t see the man behind the main course, so Dave got all the credit for this elegant and delicious meal - until, of course, Chef Richard himself emerged from the next room.

Watch her adorable reaction as her husband learns the way to a woman’s heart is definitely through his stomach.

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Chef Blais has a few tricks to help anyone at home romance his or her object of desire, too:

Rachael Ray Show

Cutting tortillas in a paper cutter: perfect to fry up and serve with cinnamon sugar or as a topping for soup or salad.

Rachael Ray Show

Chop herbs with a mezzalunna: Blais says “It teaches you how to use a knife, you can be the first couple on your block to have a mezzaluna, perhaps.”

Rachael Ray Show

Marinate meat with a vacuum packer: Blais, who admits loving cooking with technology, says you only need a little bit of marinade to create a super flavorful dish.

Watch the video above to see how Rachael ramps up not only Valentine’s Day, but every day for Dave and Jessica. It’s one delicious giveaway.

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