John Gidding Helps Neighbors Fix Their DIY Disasters + 3 Quick Solutions for Your Flooring Fails


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John Gidding Helps Neighbors Fix Their DIY Disasters Aired June 13, 2017

Everyone can relate -- you get all excited about a DIY project you want to do in your home, maybe you even buy the supplies, but then it just sits, languishing, waiting for a rainy day. Design expert John Gidding is helping an entire neighborhood finish their stalled DIY projects!

“It’s been sitting in my garage for probably about ten years,” said Andrea from Plainview, New York of the vintage school desk she always wanted to redo. John made over her desk, as well as another neighbor’s closet and a third neighbor’s photo wall -- all in a couple of hours, proving there’s no excuse not to dive right in.

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And to help you do that, John is tackling a common problem: flooring. He shared three quick and easy ways to make your floors look like a million bucks.

Faux Bois Flooring

If you have plywood, cement or linoleum floors you want to pretty up, just use paint, glaze and a simple graining tool to stencil the look of wood into your floor. “If you’re turning a garage into a man cave, this is great,” John says.

Use Nail Polish to Fix Cracks In Tile

Just find a nail polish that is similar to your tile color, and paint over the crack. Voila!

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Cover an Ugly Shower Floor with Teak

Place a teak (tropical wood) platform (or a teak bathmat) in the bottom of your shower to take it from an eyesore to a spa retreat.

The final word from John?

“If you’ve got these problems at home that you’re just not addressing, it’s not as insurmountable of a task as you think it is. It took me just a couple hours to finish the unfinished projects for three different homes,” he said.

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