New Uses for Old Stuff: 4 Seriously Smart Spring Cleaning Hacks


Playing New Uses for Old Stuff: Seriously Smart Spring Cleaning Hacks
New Uses for Old Stuff: Seriously Smart Spring Cleaning Hacks Aired August 22, 2017

Whether you’re on a budget or not, everyone has to clean at some point (well… we guess technically you don’t? But if you don’t want to end up on a hoarding show you probably should).

Check out these clever double-duty hacks for everyday household items from organizing expert Peter Walsh that won’t take a penny from your pocket.

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Use Old Socks to Clean Blinds

This couldn’t be easier or most cost-effective! Grab some thick athletic socks, put them over your hand and arm, dip in a bowl of vinegar, then just use your sock-covered hand to wipe the blinds. When you’re done, just throw the socks in the wash.

Use a Squeegee to Conquer Pet Hair

If you have pet hair accumulating on your carpet, just use the rubber part of a squeegee to clump it up, then just pick up the furballs and toss them (the actual balls of fur… not the pets).

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Use a Lint Roller to Clean Out Your Purse

Want to get really grossed out? Clear all the items out of your purse, then stick your hands in there. You’ll likely find little pieces of sand, paper, pennies, bobby pins and possibly even bits of makeup or food. Looking for a better way? Use a lint roller to grab up all those small items from the bottom of the purse without having to touch them.

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Use Rubber Bands to Make Non-Slip Hangers

Just wrap a couple rubber bands around a hanger to stop your clothes from sliding off. It's way cheaper than the expensive ones from the store. Watch the video below for bonus tips on how to get your closet in order.

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