Richard Blais Shares His Dos + Don'ts of How to Sear the Most Mouthwatering Steak

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Top Chef, Juniper and Ivy culinary mastermind and molecular gastronomist extraordinaire Richard Blais shows you how to cook a steak like a pro. After all, with his experience, he knows a thing or two about cooking meat.

First things first: “don’t cook angry,” says Rachael. And Richard agrees! Both steak lovers agree cooking a steak should be a relaxing, fun experience, not one to be rushed or treated like a chore.

“Cooking steak is very therapeutic and this should be an enjoyable experience,” he says. Here’s how to pull it off like a pro!

MAKE: Steak Frites

DO open packaging in the sink

DON’T wash or rinse it.

DO dry the meat so the surface can brown

DON’T cook with a cold steak or a cold pan

DO salt the meat from high up

DO cook the same amount of time on each side.

DON’T mess with/shake the meat while it’s searing.

DO baste your meat in the last few minutes with butter and herbs

DO finish a larger steak in the oven

DO let the meat rest on a paper towel to dry it again before slicing it.

DON’T forget to season the meat after the final slicing.

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