4 Cheap + Cheerful DIY Home Upgrades From New HGTV Hit Show Hosts


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How to Cover Ugly Old Linoleum with Pine Aired August 09, 2017

HGTV’s latest breakout stars, Erin and Ben Napier from “Home Town,” are here to show off four easy DIY home upgrades that will give you the wow factor without the high pricetag you don’t.

HOW TO: Cover Ugly Old Linoleum with Pine

If your home has some old linoleum flooring, you might be tempted to pull it up to see what’s underneath. Not so fast, Erin says: “You don’t always want to open that can of worms. There might be something beautiful, but there’s a good chance there’s not when there’s linoleum.”

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So what’s a homeowner to do? Erin and Ben recommend laying inexpensive pine flooring right over the linoleum. Sand the wood (so the sawdust fills in the cracks between boards), and stain the color of your choosing to get a rich, expensive look.

HOW TO: Use Dropcloths to Make Drapes

Drapes and curtains can be really expensive -- like $100 per panel expensive -- so if you’re on a budget, Erin has a cheap and cheerful solution. Use paint dropcloths from the hardware store with shower curtain rings, and hem to fit your window. Rule of thumb: when it comes to length,Erin says your curtains should just “kiss the floor.”

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HOW TO: Create a One-of-a-Kind Gallery Wall

Usually people group photos on the wall for a cluster wall, but Erin advises thinking outside the box. She recommends, “Think about the things that you love that are interesting or unique. When you group them all together, it’s much more interesting visually.” Ben and Erin’s example: a cluster wall of antique rolling pins would be great to display in your kitchen if you love to bake.

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HOW TO: Save $$ on Rugs

Rugs get significantly more expensive the bigger they get, so Erin says, why not group two smaller rugs to save some cash? She says rugs are even great in the kitchen for tying a room together (and cushioning sore feet).

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