These 3 DIY Tutorials Will Get You Expensive Style for a Steal


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How to Create a Hanging Terrarium Aired August 21, 2017

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that come to you out of necessity! Check out two amazing young women who learned to get big style on a small budget by doing it themselves.

HOW TO CREATE: A Hanging Terrarium

Hanging terrariums can really bring life to a room, but the hangers can be pricey. YouTube DIY star Hayley Williams made her own version -- by tying some cord into knots in a basket pattern! Looks complicated, but it’s really not. Watch the video above to see how easy it is.

HOW TO CREATE: Marbleized Pillow Cases

This fun project is so simple -- just add paint from a marbling kit (available at craft stores or online) into a bin of water in a swirl pattern, then dip a pillowcase in -- done!

HOW TO CREATE: A Celeb Outfit on a Budget

Tess Christine is a fashion vlogger who re-creates celeb looks on a budget. She took the below outfit worn by Selena Gomez (worth more than $4,000!) and re-created it for less than $100!

Tess’ version of the dress cost only $42, while her sandals cost $30. She also added a leather jacket that she already had in her closet (a staple she recommends everyone buy).

TIP: For leather jackets, go with the matte leather versus shiny. It looks more expensive.


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