Financial Tips for Kids, Tweens and Teens, Courtesy of Alexa von Tobel

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You're never too young to start saving!

That's financial guru Alexa von Tobel's motto, and she put her money where her mouth is by coming on and sharing her best money-saving (and money-giving!) tips for kids, pre-teens and teens.

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If You Have a Child Age 3 to 8
With little kids, it helps to have them visualize what they're saving for! And the best way to do that, according to Alexa? Envelopes.

Give your kid an envelope and have them draw what they want on it. Then, when they get spare change, have them put it inside. That way, they can see exactly what they're saving up for — and feel the pride when they can finally purchase it!

"Get a quarter here and there, put it in the envelope and start saving!" says Alexa.

If You Have a Child Age 8 to 12
As your kids get a little older, they get to upgrade from the envelopes — to piggy banks! And Alexa suggests having three — a saving piggy, a spending piggy and, touchingly, a giving piggy.

"There are always people that have less than us," Alexa reminds us.

She says 10 percent should go in the giving piggy, and then at the end of each year, you can let your child decide how they want to use it to give back.

So sweet!

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If You Have a Child Age 12 to 16
Last but not least, Alexa has a tip for the older set: Start a money diary.

"When you earn money [and] when you're actually spending the money," you write in the diary, says Alexa, and you'll quickly learn exactly where your money's going (and understand your triggers!).

Like we said, you're never too young!

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