"Fashion Firsts" with Gretta

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Playing "Fashion Firsts" with Gretta

When we heard from viewers who have never worn makeup, dresses or high heels, Gretta stepped in to help these fashion first-timers try a new look!

"I Never Wear Dresses." Stephanie loves flannel, jeans and baseball caps and hasn't worn a dress since her wedding a decade ago, but today she is ditching her plaid to try a sparkly Ralph Lauren dress with a pair of black high heels from Zara. "When they held the dress up I thought, 'Oh there is no way I am putting that on,'" Stephanie says. "Then when I put it on I looked in the mirror and went, 'Oh yeah!' I love it!"

"I've Never Worn High Heels." Sara loves comfort so much that she opts for flip flops even when she goes to weddings! "The problem that I have with wearing high heels is just because they look kind of scary and I think I might fall," she explains. "But I think now that I'm getting older I want to be sexier and more sophisticated." Gretta suggests trying a pair of platform heels from Zara with a dress from Express, and Sara agrees to walk in high heels for the first time!

"I've Never Worn Makeup." Natural beauty is the way to go for Chrissy, but now that she's 40, her family is encouraging her to cover the circles under her eyes and add some mascara, blush or lipstick to her life. Dressed in Michael Kors with shoes from Zara and earrings from Express she shows off her new face with makeup from Gretta and says she'll consider adding some of it to her routine: "At least a little bit; I'll start with baby steps."

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