Gallery Wall Idea: DIY Pressed Leaf Art Tutorial

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Gallery Wall Idea: DIY Pressed Leaf Art Tutorial

Galey Alix—an interior designer with over 4.5M followers on Instagram and TikTok (and it's only her side hustle!)—shows you how to make gorgeous DIY pressed leaf art for a gallery wall. 

"I'm all about sustainability and doing good things for the environment," Galey says. "And so when it comes to natural elements, you've got natural lighting you can use, but you also have natural greenery. The key to creating interesting artwork in your spaces with foliage is how you cut it. You want to cut the foliage first thing in the morning right when the sun is rising because that way, all of the dew has evaporated and it's still crisp, but it hasn't started to wither from the sun," explains Galey.  

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