How To Break Up with Anyone

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How To Break Up with Anyone

"I've been in this relationship for almost six years now and I'm not happy anymore," says Jenny. "I need to break up with my hairstylist, but I don't know how!" The 26-year-old used to love going to the salon, but says now her trims and color treatments end in disaster. "The worst experience I've had with my hairstylist was when I got my hair colored. After she was finished it was fire engine red. Definitely not what I had asked for." Even after all of these frustrations, she considers her stylist a friend and is desperate for help in ending this relationship. Rachael brings in Sarah Silverman's sister, Jodyne Speyer, who spent a year researching answers to every break-up scenario for her comedic book, *Dump 'Em*. For hairstylists, she says honesty is the best policy: Start with a warning, and if the haircuts don't improve it's time to break up. "Make it really short and sweet," Jodyne says. "They know they're going to win clients and they're going to lose clients. So you're not the first person to dump your hairdresser and you won't be the last person. And most of them said they want to know the truth. They want to be able to correct, if not with you, but with future clients." The worst thing you can do is avoid this person, who has become a trusted confidant after all of those hours of conversation while they cut your hair. "It hurts their feelings and they want to know." Rachael asks Jenny if she feels ready to face her stylist and give her the bad news and she says she is eager to put the advice to use. "I feel confident," Jenny says. "I've got to do it!" But before she heads to the salon, Jodyne offers one last suggestion. "Remember, less is more. You want to get in and out as quickly as possible," she says. "Don't over talk!"

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