Is an Alarm System Enough to Keep Your House Secure?

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Playing Is an Alarm System Enough to Keep Your House Secure?

Is an Alarm System Enough to Keep Your House Secure?

Every 14 seconds a burglary occurs in the U.S., and though many people have ordinary alarm systems to prevent this, security expert Al Corbi says you may need a little more protection. "Alarms are a vital part of the overall system, but whether or not they protect you is questionable," he says. "If somebody breaks into your house and the alarm goes off, they're already in. It's also a stopwatch for him because as soon as it goes off, he knows he's got 30 minutes or so before the police arrive." Check out a few of Al's security suggestions that could make your home intruder-proof: @[**Digital Remote Surveillance.**]( It seems everyone has an iPad these days, and Al uses his to monitor 16 surveillance cameras set up around and inside his home. The system also allows him to turn on lights — even from 3,000 miles away — in any room of the home so he can make sure no strangers are prowling around in dark areas of the house. Al can also receive a text message if someone steps foot on the property, and even can speak to the intruder through an intercom system. @[**Fog Cannon**]( Al explains that some business and homeowners have taken the step to equip their premises with a fog cannon that is designed to go off upon unauthorized entry. The fog blinds and confuses the intruder who will head for the quickest exit. Tune in today to see what happens when Rachael confronts the fog cannon! @[**Brinno Digital PeepHole**.]( Once attached to the inside of your door, the Brinno Digital PeepHole gives you a bright, detailed view of who is on the other side of the door at the touch of a button. @[**Electronic Barking Dog Alarm System.**]( This clever device features an electronic radar system that can detect motion between 10 and 20 feet from where it's placed. When someone invades this space, the barking alarm is activated and any would-be intruders will think there's a 150-pound Rottweiler ready to attack. @[**OnGARD Security Door Brace.**]( Al explains that although we all have front doors that we think are safe, it's amazing how someone can break through almost any door. "You've seen the joke about the 18 deadbolt locks down the side of the door," he says, "but there are devices that actually do work." The two-part OnGARD device assembles into the floor beneath your door, and when the brace is placed inside the holder it makes the door virtually impenetrable. "A simple little thing like that, you can't break in the door," Al says.

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