Molly Sims Talks Hit Podcast "Lipstick on the Rim" and Where the Name Came From

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Molly Sims Talks Hit Podcast "Lipstick on the Rim" and Where the Name Came From

Molly Sims is sharing her supermodel secrets from "Lipstick on the Rim"—her hit podcast with her best friend Emese Gormley that touches on all things beauty, wellness and mom life. 

"My best friend Emese Gormley, she's based out of New Jersey. She has three girls. We've got your back in terms of all things beauty, wellness, tips, tricks, hacks. [The podcast is] basically two girls talking about all of that and drinking, which is where the title came from," Molly says. "We talk about hormones, we talk about products, we talk about our husbands, we talk about our kids; it's just a really great place to be open and authentic. And we have some wonderful wellness experts that have really helped me along the way. I'm on this journey like all of us," she shares.  

And to give us a sneak peak, Molly shared three go-to beauty products, all featured on the podcast, that she can't live without: Bag Balm, Spoolies and Georgia Louise products.

1. Bag Balm 

"This product is from my mom. If I said 'Oh I hit my arm', or 'I'm peeling on my face' or 'I have a set burn' or 'I have split ends', she would use this product called Bag Balm. It's under 10 dollars and it's amazing. It makes your skin super moisturized in every way."  

2. Spoolies 

"Spoolies are inexpensive. You can buy them in bulk. They're great for your eyebrows, clumps in your mascara, I will also spray my spoolies with hairspray and do my fly-aways. Never underestimate a spoolie," says Molly.  

3. De-puffing 

"You can go old-school or your can go new-school. When de-puffing your eyes, you can get more expensive Georgia Louise products, which I love and I die for, but let me tell you something two spoons and a thing of ice is exactly the same. This is great for de-puffing, I swear I actually did it this morning," she says.  

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