Rach's Latest Cookbook in Cookie Form is UNREAL

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Rach's Latest Cookbook in Cookie Form is UNREAL

Emily Henegar started her custom cookie business Cookie in the Kitchen when she was 11—and she's taking us behind the scenes of her recreation of Rach's cookbook, This Must Be The Place.   

"I specialize in making detailed, decorated sugar cookies. So they are all sugar cookies with royal icing," Emily explains. "When I first started doing cookies, they were really simple, like chocolate chip or peanut butter...and then in middle school and high school I started getting into the decorating a lot more and that was really where I found that my passion really lies," she says.  

Once you see some of her cookie creations, you'll see what we mean. We're super impressed by Emily's cookie recreation of Rach's cookbook cover—so incredible!  

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