The Office's Rainn Wilson

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The Office's Rainn Wilson

The hilarious Rainn Wilson drops by to spread some *Office* gossip and reveals which of his famous co-stars was the toughest to work with when he directed their upcoming holiday special for the hit sitcom. "It's a double episode called 'Classy Christmas'," he explains. "Toughest to direct? ... I'm going to go with me!" Rainn jokes. "I am the biggest pain in the butt." The actor is also out with a book called *SoulPancake: Chew on Life's Big Questions*, which is based on his website of the same name and humorously encourages critical thinking about art and the soul. It may not be a cookbook, but since it has a breakfast treat in the title Rachael invites Rainn to join her in the kitchen to whip up a dish inspired by his title! [Get the recipe for Soul Pancakes here](/food/recipes/soul-pancakes/)! [Only Online! Watch a trailer for Rainn Wilson's *SoulPancake*](/blogs/2010/11/16/only-online-check-out-rainn-wilsons-trailer-soul-p/)!

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