This Viral Sensation Pup Knows How to Skateboard

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This Viral Sensation Pup Knows How to Skateboard

Six-year-old Chowder knows how to ride a skateboard! In fact, he's sort of a pro. After a TikTok video of Chowder received over 40 million views, he became a viral sensation. Now, he has almost 1.7 million followers—and we can see why.  

"We never even say the word 'skateboard' because he just goes crazy. We try to get him out as often as we can. He looks so forward to going skateboarding every night. Chowder really loves to go fast down the hills, but he also is really good at turning. He leans his entire body into a turn whenever he goes down a hill. He's really a legitimate skateboarder now. It's great that we can put a smile on somebody's face and also [act as] a reminder of how pets make life very fun."  

Plus, since Rach loves Chowder so much, she's giving him a year's supply of her dog food, Rachael Ray Nutrish, as well as some treats and toys. No doubt Chowder will love that! 

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