3 Retro Trends Are Making A Huge Comeback—Here’s How To Style Them

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Can you believe the 1970s were over 50 years ago?! Neither can we!! But when it comes to fashion, if you wait long enough, it will probably come back in style. Fashion expert, author and former magazine editor Amy E. Goodman is here to chat about three trends from the past that are making a comeback, and how to style them now. 

1. Flared Jeans From the ‘70s 

In the ‘70s, Amy says she rocked flared jeans and pants as her “love language.” 

Back then, they were commonly worn with ponchos, crocheted tops, frilly crop tops and clogs. Think Farrah Fawcett, Sonny & Cher, and Michael Jackson.  

“It had a definite boho kind of vibe,” Amy says. 

These days, Amy says flared jeans are great for modern fashion because they are flattering on all body types.  

“They counterbalance hips more so than any other jean cut. The flared jean of today is more tailored but still has sass,” Amy explains. 

Amy recommends pairing your flared jeans with a fitted top or a tucked blouse. If you’re wearing long sleeves, Amy says to roll-up your cuffs and pair your look with a pointy toed pump. Additionally, you can finish your outfit with a fitted topper jacket. 

2. Puffy Sleeves From the ‘80s 

“You can’t talk about style in the 80s without talking about puffy sleeves,” Amy says. 

Back in this decade, Amy says wearing puffy sleeves as well as power suits “was a power move” because “the more volume [you had on] meant you commanded a room.”  

Though padded shoulders and lamé fabrics were also popular as they made “the shoulders a statement,” Amy says “we were only truly successful if our hair was as big as our sleeves.” 

Embodied on dresses, blouses and fitted jackets, puffy sleeves were a favorite for celebs such as Brooke Shields and Princess Diana. 

These days, Amy says modern fashion is seeing a rebirth of puffy sleeves and recommends several ways to wear them.  

“Wear it with slim-fitting pants or as a dress with nice volume in the shoulders and tapered sleeves, or [wear] a tapered dress silhouette. If you have a shorter neck, wear your hair back or low in a bun, so you don’t look like it’s all sleeve and no neck,” she says. 

3. Plaid, Ripped Jeans + More From the ‘90s 

And finally, the ‘90s! (Move over perms and scrunchies!) 

Though many people write off the grunge era as a teen fashion statement of that time — where disheveled graphic Ts, oversized sweaters, shredded jeans, Converse sneakers, and combat boots were popular — Amy says it foreshadowed pandemic style. 

“As we emerge from Covid a little rumpled and disheveled and [where we refuse] to take off our leisurewear... are we really that different?” Amy asks. 

While embracing functionality, soft fabrics and a loose silhouette, you can channel rockers such as Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Avril Lavigne with a few tips. 

“Modified is key. I like a long-fitted dress in a neutral hue with a slit. Over this, an elongated fluffy cardigan or striped sweater. Or [you] can do a plaid knitted men’s shirt, platform-type shoes or black boots, [and a] crossbody bag.” 

Amy says you can also opt for a plaid skirt, black top, black cardigan, boots, and a crossbody bag or fanny pack.  

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