4 DIY Flower Decorations From The Woman Behind The Most Popular Pinterest Page

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Playing 4 Pinterest-Worthy DIY Flower Decorations From Oh Joy's Joy Cho

The founder and creative director of lifestyle brand Oh Joy! and owner of the most popular page on Pinterest, Joy Cho, brought us four DIY ideas on how to bring flowers into our everyday lives.


This adorable flower basket — made with a handbag! — plays double duty. It can be a décor piece OR you can bring it to someone as a gift.

First, grab a sturdy handbag or basket. Then get a floral block (available at local craft stores and floral supply stores) and place in a reusable plastic bag to act as your liner. Place the plastic bag into the purse or basket and pour a little bit of water into the plastic bag to dampen the floral block.

"This will help keep the flowers fresh for a few days," Joy says.

Next, tuck the plastic bag down so it's not visible. Then cut your flowers and place them into the foam block.

"What the flower foam [block] does is it helps to guide it," Joy explains. "It gives [the flowers] a place."

Finally, marvel at the final results!

Flower Basket
Rachael Ray Show


Onto a super unique way to spruce up a party banner: with flowers and floral honeycomb!

Start with a piece of foam core (available at a craft supply store) and grab honeycomb balls, which you can find online in a multitude of colors. Open the honeycomb balls halfway and adhere them to the foam core in various spots with double-sided tape.

Then, fill in the gaps between the honeycomb with faux garland to add some greenery. Next, grab a skewer and poke a hole on each side of the garland. Take wire to fasten the garland in through the two holes (tie it up in the back) and tuck in fresh flowers to the garland for the floral element.

"It adds another level of dimension and freshness," Joy says.

Once that is completed, top it off with a message. You can do a "Hey, Baby" for a baby shower, "Happy Birthday," or, like Joy did, "Let's Party."

Grab cut out letters and use double-sided tape to fasten each letter to a honeycomb ball.

And voilà!

Floral Honeycomb Banner
Rachael Ray Show

"And since most of it is faux, you can use it again for another party," the DIY queen reminds.


Next up is a super simple, yet beautiful, way to make a floral display — inspired by an art project Joy did as a child.

All you do is add a little bit of food coloring to the water in your vase to make a pastel color. Mix coloring in with a skewer, add your flowers, and arrange in a rainbow.

Rainbow Vases
Rachael Ray Show

What a great centerpiece!


Finally, a print to stop your guests in their tracks.

"If you have a picture or a photo that you love, you can print it out and add faux flowers to it to make it dimensional wall art."

Floral Pop Print
Rachael Ray Show

Now THAT is cool!

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