8 of The Best Indoor Plants To Clean Air

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We all worry about outdoor air quality (rightfully so!), but what about indoor air quality?

"Indoor air can be a lot more polluted than outdoor air," The Genius Life author Max Lugavere says — but "plants can help clean your indoor air" — naturally. 

"You want to keep these within a personal breathing zone of six to eight cubic feet," he advises. "It's good to keep plants by your bed [and] by your desk."

"And also," the Genius Foods author continues, "it's always a good idea to make sure your home is well-ventilated." 

The best indoor plants to clean air, according to Max, are: 

  1. Dracaena Janet Craig
  2. Boston fern
  3. Rubber plant
  4. Areca palm
  5. Lady palm
  6. Bamboo palm
  7. English ivy
  8. Ficus alii

Important note, though! Some of these plants are toxic to dogs and cats if eaten, Max stresses, so be sure to check on that first if you have pets! 

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