A Pro Stylist's 3 Secrets To Actually Pulling Off Mom Jeans

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If you ever mocked your parents' style when you were younger, guess who's laughing now! ?

Mom jeans and dad sneakers have never been hotter. (The oh-so-stylish Kendall Jenner wears mom jeans all. the. time.)

Now, we learned from the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, Eva Chen, that dad sneakers are best worn with a suit or a fun and flirty dress — but what about mom jeans?

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If you're anything like one of our studio audience members named Bella, you're not exactly sure how to rock them without looking drab. Well, that's where our resident style guru Gretta Monahan comes in.

Here's how Gretta breaks it down:

1. Pay Attention To The Yoke Of The Jeans

Nope, we're not talking about an egg yolk!

Gretta tells us that in fashion, the yoke is the V-shaped seam on jeans that sits between the waistband and the back pockets.

"That's exactly what's giving the shapeliness to the butt," Gretta says. "It makes the butt look rounder and not flat."

So when you're shopping for mom jeans, look out for that yoke!

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2. Look For a Button Fly

Mom jeans used to almost always have a zipper fly, but nowadays, you're more likely to find a button fly — and Gretta's super happy about that!

"It literally gives you a smooth front," our style pro says. "It flatters you in a very modern way."

"It smooths us out and gives us a really flattering shape and a nice curve around the hip and the waist," she continues.

Now, Gretta's not saying you can't rock a zipper fly (you do you!) — but the button fly is her favorite part about the trend's comeback.

And pro shopping tip: sometimes the button is exposed, but sometimes it's hidden (like it is on the pair Bella is wearing in the video above), so take a close look when you're shopping!

3. Pair Them With a Cropped or Tucked Top

"You don't want to [wear] a top that goes beyond the waistband," Gretta tells us.

Whether you choose a cropped top that ends at the waistband or tuck in a longer top, you'll be keeping your S-curve going rather than squaring off and widening your shape.

See Bella's full outfit in the video above. (Rach couldn't stop raving about how cute it is!)

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