The 3 Most Common Butt Shapes + How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans to Flaunt YOURS

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Having flashbacks to the 90s yet? (Thanks, Sir Mix-a-Lot!) Then you also probably remember that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad “mom” jean trend (and we hope it stays where it belongs --- BEHIND us!).

One of the biggest problems women face in the world of fashion is finding the perfect jeans (hint: NOT mom jeans) to make their derrieres look as booty-ful as ever. Enter fashion guru Gretta Monahan who says almost all women fall into one of three butt-shape categories -- whether your backside is full, flat or square, here’s how to flaunt ‘em!


SEEK: Look for jeans with pockets that are set closer together toward the center seam. You also want to make sure the pockets have a “V”-shaped stitched design (no, they’re not there just for cute looks!). Gretta says these small details are added to flatter your shape.

AVOID: While yes, the boyfriend jean is on-trend, they’re loose with no shape, making a square butt look even more boxy. Pockets that are placed far apart from each other have the same effect and will make you look wider, too! You also want to avoid plain pockets without detail -- they’ll further emphasize the boxiness.

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SEEK: A mid to high-rise jean -- the higher waist will cinch you in and lean you out. Gretta says to also look for dark denim with performance stretch built in.

“It’ll smooth and reduce the look of the fullness by and inch, inch and a half and contour the butt” says Gretta.

AVOID: Gretta says the last thing you want on a jean are pockets with lots of detail -- they add too much volume making an already full butt look even fuller. Also try to avoid light denim because, like Gretta says “You’re shining a light on your fuller parts.”

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SEEK: Gretta says a classic straight leg cut will help make your bottom look bigger. Also, look for an embellished pocket (think fringe and rhinestones) to help add volume and fill you out.

AVOID: Plain pockets and super skinny jeans will make your butt appear almost one dimensional and flatten you out.

Now that you know what to wear you can turn around, stick it out, and strut your stuff with confidence, because baby got back!

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