Why Do My Jeans Stretch Out? Are Leggings OK? (+ More Fashion Questions Answered)

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Playing What’s the Best Way to Wear Ankle Boots + Skinny Jeans?
What’s the Best Way to Wear Ankle Boots + Skinny Jeans? Aired June 27, 2017

Some fashion questions feel like straight-up mysteries. Like… is it okay to wear shorts even if you’re not 20 anymore? And … how should you pair booties with skinny jeans? We brought in style pro Stacy London who has all the answers.

What’s the Best Way to Wear Ankle Boots + Skinny Jeans? — Victoria from Hoboken, NJ

Pairing ankle boots with skinny jeans can be tricky -- do you tuck them in? What if there is a gap between the jeans and your boots? Watch the video above for Stacy’s solutions.

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What Shorts Are Best? -- Sandy from New Hartford, NY

Viewer Sandy is 54 and is wondering if it’s age-appropriate to wear shorts in the summer. Stacy says it depends on the cut, the length and the occasion. Watch the video above for details.

How Do You Know Much a New Pair of Jeans Will Stretch Out? -- Keyana from the Bronx, NY

You buy a new pair of jeans and in the store they fit great, but after a couple wearings they’re all baggy. The reason -- your jeans have too little or too much stretch. Stacy says the ideal fabric makeup is 98 percent cotton and 2 percent rayon.

Tip: to get your stretched-out jeans to get back into shape, put them in the dryer for about 7 to 10 minutes, Stacy recommends.

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What’s Your Opinion On Leggings? -- Lindsay from Sicklerville, NJ

Lindsay, a mom of two toddlers, wants to know -- is it acceptable to wear leggings as you go about your everyday life? The answer: yes, under some very specific circumstances. Watch the video directly above for Stacy’s explanation.

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