Adorable 8-Month-Old Baby Who Went Viral Might Just Be The Youngest "Waitress" Ever

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If you're a fan of Rachael's, you probably know that she literally grew up in restaurants.

"Working in restaurants is hard," Rach says, "but it also becomes a part of you."

"This little girl may have started even younger than me, though!" Rach says of Eleanor, a baby who went viral for "helping" her mom, Tate, wait tables during a snowstorm.

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Tate works at a pub in North Carolina with her boyfriend and Eleanor's dad, Patrick. When a severe snowstorm hit the area, Tate and Patrick volunteered to work the shift that day — and they brought baby Eleanor along!

Strapped to her mom's chest, Eleanor hung out with Tate while she waited tables and Patrick worked the bar.

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"She became kind of the hostess with the mostess that day!" Rach says. "Is that not adorable?"

Rachael caught up with the family on FaceTime and asked how Eleanor liked coming into work that day.

"She loved it," Tate says. "She had so much fun. She got to wave at everyone that walked in the door, she just smiled at every person that came in and everyone loved seeing her."

Rach was able to share some fun news with the family, too! A local North Carolina children's boutique, Polliwogs, heard about Tate, Patrick and Eleanor's sweet story and gifted them with an extremely generous gift card to their store. Now that's a tip!

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