Al Roker Says He Never Planned On Being On TV + More True Stories He Reveals In His Latest Book

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"TODAY" co-host Al Roker's latest book, You Look So Much Better in Person: True Stories of Absurdity and Success, is full of "Al-truisms" — life lessons he's learned over more than 40 years of working in television. And while he says he "wasn't really looking to write a book like [this]," his editor thought Al had something valuable to share with others about his career. 

"Part of it is, I'm getting older," Al says with a laugh. "I'm forgetting probably more stuff than I can remember, so maybe I better write it down." 

He's sharing some of the highlights from his book with us, including the fact that he never actually wanted to be on TV!

1. Al Never Wanted To Be On TV

"I didn't plan on being on TV. I wanted to work in television, I didn't want to be on TV. But a college professor believed in me and put me up for a job at the end of my sophomore year in college," Al says. "I think that's the through point of the book, is grab opportunities. Be open to saying yes."

And as for any part of the book that was more difficult for Al to write?

2. Writing About His Late Parents Was The Hardest Part

"Talking about my dad in it a lot is kind of emotional, because he's been gone since 2001. And it's still hard, it's still tough," Al says. "My mom has been gone since 2007. They were touchstones, and sometimes I get jealous of people whose parents are still around. My folks passed when they were very young, 69 and 74, respectively. But it kind of keeps their voices alive and continues to celebrate them."

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3. He Plays The "A-Team" Theme Every Morning Before "TODAY"

"At the end I write, 'You gotta get yourself an A-Team,'" Al reveals. "'The A-Team' is probably one of the greatest action shows ever created on television. In fact, I play the theme from 'The A-Team' every morning before I go on the 'TODAY show.'" (Watch the video above to hear him flawlessly recite the entire theme from memory! 😮)

"They were all good in one way, but together, they were this incredible team. Well, in your life, you need to find these people — because whether it's emotional or physical or whatever, nobody can be everything to all people," he says. "You got to have a team. Anybody who says they've achieved what they have by themselves is so full of BS it's not even possible." 

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