Alec Baldwin on Niece Hailey's Engagement to Justin Bieber

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Playing Alec Baldwin on Niece Hailey's Relationship With Justin Bieber

Given that Alec Baldwin is Hailey Baldwin’s uncle (her dad is his brother, Stephen), we thought we’d get the inside scoop on her relationship with (or is it marriage to?!) Justin Bieber.

(When Rach asked how old they are, the funnyman responded, They’re 11.” Ha!)

Well, as it turns out, Alec knows just as much as we do.

“People ask me, ‘Are they getting married, Hailey and Justin Bieber,’ and I said, on some red carpet, 'I guess, ‘cause that’s what I read online.'” LOL!

“I’m not texting Hailey all the time going, ‘So, show me your finger,’ what’s going on?’" he jokes.

But, the couple did visit Alec's house this past summer, and he offered them advice that he learned when he first met his wife, the incredible Hilaria.

“I always say to people, 'You get married ‘cause you have to'”— meaning because you can’t stand to *not* be married to that person. AW!

So, will the Biebs end up calling him Uncle Alec? All we got out of Alec was a chuckle -- so only time will tell!

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