"Chicken Soup For The Soul" Co-Author Deborah Norville On 2 Of Her Favorite Stories From New Book

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Think Positive, Live Happy is the FIFTH Chicken Soup for the Soul book Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville has worked on — and the stories still literally give her chills. 

When Deborah visited to dish on the new book, she retold two of her favorite stories from it, and of course, they left us wanting more


"There's one in here, it's called 'Dinner Party Disasters.' And the mom — it's a busy mom like all the rest of us. She's running her errands, there are friends coming over for dinner [and] hubby is nowhere to be found to help. She's a little bit stressed. Okay, she's really stressed. And on the way home, the kids remind her, 'We need crickets for the lizard.' So they go to the pet place, they get the box of crickets. You know what's going to happen. The crickets escaped right before the dinner's to be served. She almost went down that path that any of us would understand, and then she says, 'You know what? I'm going to choose to laugh about this.' And she started laughing. She said, 'Guys, we got three minutes to find all the crickets.' And she made it a game, and she took what was a dinner disaster and turned it into a positive. And she heard a few [cricket noises] during the dinner, and she just laughed about it."


"There's another one where the lady had lost her job, and she's in the grocery store the day she got her pink slip. She's got six kids. Can you imagine? And she's thinking, 'This is the last time I can buy groceries the way I'm buying groceries today.' And she's in the meat department, and there was, stuck behind a thing of hamburger or whatever, a yellow envelope. She says, 'Well, that's weird.' And she pulls it out, and she opens the envelope, and in the envelope is a note that says, 'You're okay. Today is going to be great. You're going to get through this. I believe in you.' Anonymous. But it was the note she needed to receive and she just ... I get chills just telling the story."

See what we mean about wanting more?

Watch the video above to hear how Deborah and her co-author chose the 101 stories in the book. 

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