A Day In The Life Of "Inside Edition" Anchor Deborah Norville: What She Eats After Losing 30 Pounds

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Following a wake-up call, "Inside Edition" anchor Deborah Norville changed her lifestyle and lost 30 pounds.

Deborah says her "a-ha moment" came during a routine blood pressure screening. Although she ate relatively well, she says she was not being mindful of her genetic predisposition when it came to heart health (she called her father a "cardiologist's retirement plan").

So, the "Inside Edition" host realized it was time for a change.

"It's not the number on the scale," Deborah says she told her doctor at the time. "I don't like the way I feel."

So what did Deborah's doctor recommend? Cutting out sugar. She claims she did just that and the weight disappeared over time.

A look into her daily routine (watch that in the video above!) revealed that Deborah starts her day with must-have cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal with flax seeds and almond milk.

And although she's a TV host (can you believe she's been on "Inside Edition" for 24 years?!), Deborah brings her own lunch to work! Her meal usually consists of a roasted veggie, avocado and wasa crisps because they have no added sugar.

"Read the label," Deborah stresses. She say you'll be surprised how much added sugar is in so many things you eat every day.

In fact, in order to keep sugar out of her diet, she has a separate kitchen cabinet from other members of her family.

"Just tell yourself, 'That's their cupboard, that's not my cupboard,'" Deborah suggests. "That'll keep you from seeing it and if you don't see it, you might not want it."

And guess what? Deborah also meal preps just like us! On a weekend, she will "go crazy" roasting vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash and zucchini. She seasons them and drizzles on some olive oil, pops them in a 400˚F oven and bakes for 25 minutes until they caramelize. Then she freezes the roasted veggies in individual baggies and grabs one as she's flying out the door.

For dinner, Deborah has a full plate of roasted veggies, a little bit of protein and a lot of green salad.

"For me, changing the way I eat has been a game-changer in my life," Deborah explains. "It changes your mentality, it changes your energy level."

So inspiring!

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