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Nothing is sweeter than your family and friends opening a Christmas gift from you and absolutely loving it — but you have to find that perfect gift first, and that can be easier said than done. That's where we come in — with our holiday gift guides!

From the best food subscription boxes to gift (a CHEESE delivery every month!? Can we gift ourselves that?) and the best Christmas gifts for cooks to the best gifts for pets & pet owners, we're more than happy to have done the hard work for you. 

Plus, we have DIY gifts galore, wrapping inspiration (like how to wrap a present like a PIZZA) and holiday gift shopping tips (like when to get all those online orders in).

2020 Christmas Gift Ideas

The Best Gifts For Cooks

straight marble rolling pin
Williams Sonoma

We rounded up 66 of the best gifts any cook — or food lover! — could ask for, with picks from our editors and Rach.

The Best Christmas Gifts For Pets & Pet Owners

Pet Gift Guide Graphic
Rachael Ray Show

Our holiday gift guide for pets has 40 Christmas & Hanukkah gift ideas for dogs, cats + their owners—from Rach's fave stocking stuffers to award-winners.

The Best Food Subscription Boxes

murray's cheese box
Murray's Cheese

From cheese + chocolate clubs to meat + pickle-of-the-month boxes, we've got the best foodie subscriptions for everyone on your 2020 gift list.

Our 17 Faves From Oprah's Favorite Things 2020

oprahs favorite things
Rachael Ray Show

DIY Christmas Gifts

For The Foodie: DIY Cookie Gift Boxes

Rachael Ray Show

Packaging delicate baked goods — especially Christmas cookies — can be tricky business. That's why we say ditch the tins, and take this tip from our favorite organizing expert, Peter Walsh.

15 Edible Gift Ideas

Hot chocolate in a jar and a 5-minute fudge wreath, to name a few — need we say more?

For The Sentimental Friend: DIY Tile Photo Coasters

Photo Coasters
Rachael Ray Show

If you're looking for a quick, easy and sentimental gift idea for under $5, this is it. 

For The Art Lover: DIY Bubble Wrap Wall Art

If your friends and family are anything like us, they have a few walls in their homes that are begging for some love — and what's better than homemade art?

For The Pet Lover: DIY Dog Treat Container + Personalized Leash Holder

treat canister

The cutest DIY gifts we ever did see for the pet mommies and daddies in your life. 

For Your Pets: Easy DIY Ideas For Pampering Your Pet

Antonio Ballatore and Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray Show

How about that cat scratch cactus though?!

For The Writer: DIY Word Art

Why not say what you feel in word art this holiday season instead of in a card? 

For The Music Lover: DIY Guitar Shelf

Guitar Shelf
Rachael Ray Show

Seriously, could this be any cooler? Pro Tip: If your musician relative or friend is thinking of getting rid of an old guitar, pretend you want it and turn it into THIS. 

For The Interior Design Guru: DIY Geometric Mirror

Rachael Ray Show

I mean, what better gift is there than saving your interior design-loving friend $500?!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


Woman's hands wrapping holiday gift

Learn how to wrap pretty much any gift — from a standard box to an oddly-shaped vacuum.

How To Wrap a Present Like a Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

We’re kinda obsessed with this clever idea for recycling a pizza box. And that custom pepperoni wrapping paper?! Come ON.

How To Wrap a Bottle Of Wine Like a Pineapple

wine bottle wrapping DIY
Rachael Ray Show

Wine always makes a great hostess gift, but how to make it stand out without spending tons of money on a pricey bottle… that is the question. And this pineapple gift-wrapping idea is the answer.

How To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts In a DIY Hot Dog

Rachael Ray Show

The giftee will never be able to guess what's inside of this DIY hot dog gift box.

How To DIY Marble Wrapping Paper

Rachael Ray Show

Why stop at DIY edible gifts this year? Tap into your artsy side and make a signature paper for your wrapping-spree, too.

Christmas Gift Shopping Tips

How Many Gifts Should I Buy My Kids For the Holidays? Dr. Drew Answers

Buying Gifts for Kids

Is your kid's Christmas list extra long this year? Get Dr. Drew's advice on what to do!


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