David Muir On Viral Video Showing Elementary School Kids Surprise Beloved Custodian

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Sometimes, you just need a dose of feel-good stories — are you with us?

That's why David Muir, anchor of “ABC World News Tonight” shared what he calls “a lightning round of good news.”

First up was this heartwarming video that centers around Eugene Hinton, the custodian at Moody Elementary School, in Moody, Ala.


Hinton, who’s known as Mr. Eugene, was called to the school’s gymnasium for a routine cleanup… but what he found was a different surprise entirely!

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In honor of National Custodial Workers Day, the gym was filled with all of the students at the school, who yelled, “Thank you, Mr. Eugene,” bringing tears to Hinton’s eyes. Students also wrote letters thanking him for the job he does every day at the school.

Muir’s show always ends on a happy note, and this particular moment brought tears to Rach's eyes.

In fact, Muir even said the show had a different ending plan. “Then I saw this and said, ‘Let’s get this moment on TV,’” Muir says.

"We thank teachers every day in this country—as we should—but we wanted to remind people that there are so many others who do jobs in their kids’ school," he continues.

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