Decoding a Box Of Chocolates Without a Guide: How To Know What You're Getting Based On Shape

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Have you ever gotten a big box of chocolates for Valentine's Day and ended up with a big box of half-eaten chocolates because you took a bunch of bites before you figured out which one you actually wanted? (Please tell us we're not alone!) Well, if you get one of those big boxes this year and it doesn't come with a guide — or if you lose it OR the chocolates get shuffled around — we've got you covered. 

Jocelyn Delk Adams, author of Grandbaby Cakes, is breaking down the box for us and giving us tricks for predicting what's inside each piece of candy just by looking at it — so you don't have to take a bite out of a bunch before finding the one you really want. (Though, now that we think of it, that doesn't sound terrible ...)

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If you want caramel: Look for a square

caramel chocolate
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"Caramel gets poured into a slab and then cut into squares," Jocelyn says, "and if you have a whole bunch of squares, make sure you go for the heavier ones. Caramel's pretty dense."

If you want nuts: Look for bumps

chocolate with nuts
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"The only exception to this rule is if it's got a bunch of ripples on the top," the Grandbaby Cakes author says, "it's probably shredded coconut."

If you want coconut: Look for ripples

chocolate with coconut
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If you want a truffle: Look for ball-shaped chocolates

round chocolate
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If it's in the shape of a ball, "It's probably filled with a creamy, rich chocolate ganache," Jocelyn says. 

If you want a soft, creamy center: Look for circles + ovals

oval chocolates
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If you want a fruity chocolate: Give the chocolate a whiff!

"Sometimes, [fruity chocolates] have stronger smells," Jocelyn says.

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