DIY Barn Door Kit For Under $250: A&E's Flipping Boston Hosts Try It

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Sliding barn doors are super trendy for the home — but most of them just so happen to also be super pricey, real estate and home renovation experts Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour from A&E's "Flipping Boston" say.

"The challenge with a barn door is the cost," Dave explains. "If you had a professional come in, you could be anywhere north of $500 to actually hang the door, the hardware, the labor." 

On the flipside, though, Dave loves barn doors because they could save you about 10 square feet of swing space in a small room. So is there a way to reap the space-saving benefits without spending a whole lot of money? Peter and Dave tried a DIY sliding barn door kit (that costs less than $250) to find out.

Product: Smartstandard Sliding Barn Door Kit

Claims to make building your very own sliding barn door easy for anyone. 

See what Dave and Peter thought about the kit — and if they think anyone can use it — in the video above.

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