DNA Health Test: Dr. Oz Shares His Personal Results

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There's a lot of buzz about DNA testing out there.

In addition to ancestry results, many services also offer health report options. You might be wondering what you should actually do with these results once you get them.

These results are general predictors and don't necessarily mean you will develop health issues — but knowing your health predispositions can help you decide what areas to focus on when it comes to taking preventative action.

"I actually did it for myself, because my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's [Disease] this year," Dr. Mehmet Oz says, "and I wanted to know — for both myself and my family — what were our risk factors?"

Dr. Oz shares his own DNA health test results for the very first time (he hasn't even shown them on "The Dr. Oz Show!") and explains what some of the language on the "report card" means.

Health Predispositions
Rachael Ray Show

"These are my health predispositions," the doc says. "Notice at the very top I have Macular Degeneration, Celiac Disease — slightly increased risk. But notice it says late-onset Alzheimer's? I'm at risk for that because I got my mom's genes."

"So you can pretty quickly tell what to focus on. The reason this is important is [because] you fear most what you don't understand. If you know you have a risk of Alzheimer's, you can take prophylactic action."

"And you learn other cool things as well," Dr. Oz says. "These are my wellness scores."

Dr. Oz Wellness
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He points out a few interesting areas of his results.

"Caffeine I'm very sensitive to, so I have to consume less of that," the doc says. "Notice at the bottom, it says muscle composition. It says common in elite power athletes. I played football in college."

"So your genes actually predispose you to certain things. Knowing this gives you power," Dr. Oz says.

Of course, these test results show a general prediction and are not intended as a replacement for regular health testing with your doctor.

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