Dr. Phil's Life Coach Reveals The Method He Uses At His Treatment Center

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When Dr. Phil's resident life coach and author of Best Self, Mike Bayer brought a tower of building blocks on our show, we were definitely intrigued.

It turns out that the blocks are part of a self-help exercise Mike uses both with residents at his treatment center in Los Angeles and with his friends. The game, which he calls "Building Blocks," is played by removing a block from the tower, reading the phrase or thought-provoking question written on it and answering the question or filling in the blank(s).

"I love self-help games with purpose," Mike says.

Some of the questions pulled on the show include: 

  • "The last thing I do before bed is…"
  • "I am motivated by…"
  • "Three things on my bucket list are… "
  • "As a child I wanted to be [blank] when I grew up."

Watch Mike, Rachael and co-host Curtis Stone play "Building Blocks" in the video above!

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