Elderberry Syrup For Colds — Does It Work?

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If you've heard of elderberry syrup being a remedy for cold symptoms, you're not alone — it seems to be everywhere right now! But is it a fad, or does it really have health benefits? 

Keri Glassman, celebrity nutritionist and founder of "Nutritious Life," weighs in.

"Elderberry, just like other berries, [is] loaded with antioxidants, which we know are helpful for the immune system," Keri explains. "Specifically, elderberry is really high in vitamin C and also a couple other antioxidants — [like] quercetin, anthocyanins." 

"It really has been known to boost that immune system. It's been used for centuries," she continues. "There's actually even some research that has shown that it helps reduce the length and severity of a cold." 

But there's one really important thing you have to keep in mind!

"Do not pick those berries," Keri stresses. If not properly heated and processed, they can cause cyanide poisoning, she warns. "Just buy it manufactured. Find an organic syrup."

The syrup comes sweetened (with raw honey) or unsweetened — and you can take it on its own like cough syrup, or add it to your favorite herbal tea.

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