Female High School Football Player Gets Glam Makeover For Prom

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Cheyanne, an 18-year-old from the Bronx, NY, is an honor roll student and high school athlete (she's on the flag football, wrestling, track AND volleyball teams!) who basically lives in sweats.

When Cheyanne is done with high school, she says she plans on going straight into the Army.

"I'm proud of her," her mom Suzanna says. "Cheyanne is doing everything that I don't think I was able to do."

While she doesn't normally wear makeup or dresses — she's busy with school, homework and sports practice, after all — Cheyanne wants to rock a glam look for her senior prom.

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She's open to trying out new styles and trends, especially since her mom is so excited at the possibility of seeing her daughter in a dress.

Enter makeup artist Mally Roncal, our resident glam girl!

Mally took Cheyanne prom dress shopping at Macy's and gave her some tips for picking out her dress, doing her makeup, choosing accessories and more.

One tip Mally has for shorter ladies? Try a dress that is short in the front and long in the back (AKA a high-low dress).

"It used to be that if you were short, you definitely would have to get alterations done on a dress," Mally says. "[High-low dresses] are a really great option if you want the drama of a long gown, but you don't want to have to [alter] it … you have two different lengths and you can see those legs."

Rach also gifted Cheyanne $600 in Vanilla Gift Cards that she can use to buy her prom tickets and get her hair and makeup done on the big day.

Watch the video above to see Cheyanne's (and Suzanna's and Rach's) reaction to her glamorous prom makeover. Just make sure you have tissues handy!

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