Frame TV Is a New TV That Doubles As Art—Plus Other High-Tech Home Décor Products

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You might know her as the former host of TLC's "Trading Spaces," but here, Paige Davis shows you the coolest new gadgets to help decorate your home — keeping in mind both style and function.

Gadget #1: The Frame TV by Samsung

Available in different sizes and colors starting at $599.99

Samsung Frame TV

This might look like a normal 4K TV, but the Frame TV goes a step further to really up your home décor game. Instead of displaying a black screen when you power it off, this television actually turns into a piece of framed art. With the press of a button, you can display over 1,200 pieces of art when the TV is not in use. Just connect to the Samsung Art Store to select images from curated collections.

"Even though they're high tech, I feel like they still fit in very traditional décors. They're just pictures on the wall," Paige says of the Frame TV and Meural Canvas II products.

Gadget #2: Nanoleaf Canvas

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes starting at $199.99

Nanoleaf Canvas displayed in home and phone showing app

The Nanoleaf Canvas is a product that allows you to create your own lighting masterpiece. The canvas is made up of touch-controlled LED Light Squares that connect together to create any design you choose.

"You can put these squares in any pattern that you want," Paige explains, "and you can move them as well, which is really fun. It's really interactive as well. You can live out your Vanna White dreams; if you touch them, they change."

Using the Nanoleaf app on your smartphone, you can select a color scene like "romantic," "Northern Lights" or "flames" to set the mood for a room. You can also use the app to select specific colors and then use the touch function to change those colors. Plus, the light squares boast other features like easy integration with your smart home device, built-in music sync and easy "no-drill" mounting to non-porous surfaces.

Gadget #3: Meural Canvas II – powered by Netgear

Available in different sizes and colors starting at $399.95

Meural Canvas II

The Meural Canvas II is a smart frame that brings famous artwork from all over the world right into your home.

"When you buy it, it comes with a sample library of 100 curated works of art, and it is meant to view the same as you would in a museum," Paige says. "It has this anti-glare matte finish so you can even see the brushstrokes, and there's a mode in here where you can pull up the information about the artist and the painting, which is really neat."

Meural connects to WiFi and offers multiple ways to change the image: you can wave your hand in front of the screen, select an image through the app or use voice commands through smart home devices. Plus, you can upload your own photos from your camera roll and display those as well.

Gadget #4: Sensor Trash Can by simplehuman

Available in different sizes and finishes starting at $200.00

Sensor Trash Can by simplehuman

The Sensor Trash Can can is not only hands-free and motion-activated, but it's also voice activated. To open the can just say "open can" and to close it, say "close can." How simple is that?

"It has this wonderful pocket in here to store the new liner replacements. And another thing that I love is it has this lip, so when you put the trash bag over the can, this lip hides the trash bag," Paige says. "And it has a special nano-silver clear coat on it so it rejects the fingerprints, which is another thing that's great."

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