Got Underwire Bra Problems? Here's a Comfortable Alternative From An Expert Bra Fitter

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Ladies, if you're anything like us, you know the pain of bra underwires well. But gone are the days that you need to rely on that pesky wire for support. (How painful is it when it escapes the fabric and pokes you?!)

Expert bra fitter Kimmay Caldwell clued us in on an alternative while helping a viewer named Ali who had been sacrificing support for comfort by resorting to bralettes. With a bra like the Etched Maya Bra, a brand Kimmay stands behind, Ali doesn't have to choose!

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"All the magic is happening in the back," Kimmay explains of the supportive band that's made to sit lower than a normal bra band. Plus, the straps go further in than usual at the back so they won't slip. (How annoying is it when that happens?)

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Most underwires are completely flat, the bra pro goes on, but this one has an etched underwire, which is curved, so it works with the shape of your body.

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