Hairstyle Makeovers For Husband & Wife Who Haven't Had Haircuts In DECADES

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Playing Long-Hair Makeover For Husband & Wife (And Rach Gets The First Cuts)

Charles and Michele are a married couple from Wanaque, New Jersey, and they're taking on quite a few firsts on our show.

The pair are getting hair makeovers from stylist Tabatha Coffey, because between the two of them, they have not had a haircut in 31 years. 

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Rachael Ray Show

"I used to play in rock bands back in the '80s and '90s," Charles says. 

"That's who I was drawn to, the guy with the long hair, the guy in the band," Michele adds. 

It's been 10 years since he last got it cut, though, and their 16-year-old daughter has never seen her dad with short hair. And if that sounds like a long time to you, get this: Michele hasn't had a haircut since 1998. Yes, it's been 21 years!

"I deal with a lot of people on a corporate level now, and I'd really like to look more the part," Charles says. He's also confident that the new look will gain him some cool points with his daughter. "She doesn't think I'm cool, but I'm going to be cool," Charles adds.

Michele, who wears a uniform for her job as a school lunch lady, admits she'd like to start dressing up a bit more outside of work. "When I go out with my friends they all look so glamorous and I kind of feel like the frumpy mom type," she says. 

Charles has donated his hair several times over the years, which we so admire. But as he says himself, "I can do both. I can donate to a good cause and also do something nice for me." Exactly!

He's donating his hair once again, before Tabatha completes his hair and style makeover just like she's doing for Michele. The hairstylist had to separate Charles' hair into four ponytails before making the chops for charity, because she couldn't get her shears through otherwise!

Rachael Ray, Tabatha Coffey and makeover guest
Rachael Ray Show

"His hair — I mean this really nicely — it's like a horse's tail. It's unbelievable. You're so lucky. It's gorgeous," Tabatha says. And as she explains, in order to keep hair healthy, it's important to get regular trims.

This time around Charles got a bit more than a trim. Tabatha had Rach handle the scissors, because as a chef she's "good with sharp instruments."

(Don't worry, Tabatha fixed Charles up before his wife saw what Rach did! ?)

Watch the video above to see Charles and Michele's glamorous final looks. The makeover had their daughter crying happy tears, and we'd like to see you try not to do the same!

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