We Gave This Actor Who's Often Typecast Because Of Long Hair + Beard a Jaw-Dropping Makeover

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Playing See The Amazing Hair Transformation That Made This Actor Look YEARS Younger

Meet Frankie! He's a 65-year-old character actor living in New York City, and he's very sweet. He's been acting since he left high school and has recently found himself getting typecast for roles because of his very long hair and beard, he suspects — so he's ready to transform his look. (That's where we come in!)

"Little by little, I went from being a young character type to this old, creepy type," Frankie says.

Frankie hasn't had a haircut in over FIVE years. (His hair is as long as his arm span!)

And as far as his style goes, he says he normally wears a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans that are "probably not fitted well."

Francie, Frankie's aunt (who is 100 years young!), encouraged him to cut his hair short and shave his beard — and since he wants to take his career to the next level, he's ready for the change.

As for us, we enlisted the help of lifestyle and fashion expert Tommy DiDario.

Tommy teamed up with Gretchen from Oscar Blandi for Frankie's hair and worked his own brand of magic on Frankie's wardrobe.

"You want to book other roles, right? So when you walk in a room, you have this new, fresh, blank canvas, I like to say, where you can play and transform into any sort of role," Tommy says.

Plus, Rach sent Frankie over to City Headshots for an essential headshot session (with a stylist on site to help him out!) so his new professional headshots will reflect the new Frankie.

Watch the INCREDIBLE reveal of Frankie's new look — and see Frankie's emotional reaction to his makeover — in the video above!

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