2 Friends Nominate Man For an Epic Haircut After 5 Years to Jumpstart His Dating Life

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You know when you really need a good haircut, but, for whatever reason, you just can't bring yourself to get to the salon?

Well, that was definitely the case for Joey, who put off snipping his brown hair for so long, it had suddenly become five years since his last good cut!

"I admit," says Joey, "I might have gotten a little attached to [my long hair] over time. People literally have come to me in different towns and have been like, 'Hey, Jon Snow!' They don't even know my first name."

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Well, while we here at the "Rachael Ray" show think there are certainly less handsome men to be compared to than the long-haired "Game of Thrones" hunk, we do understand the frustration of two of his best friends, Danny and Peggy, who brought him on the show to stage an intervention.

Because five years is a long time — and his dating life was suffering to boot!

"I know that's why [he's not getting dates]," Peggy insists.

And Joey admits — it has been (at least) a year since his last date!

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Well, fear not, members of the Night's Watch! A haircut WAS. COMING. And it came courtesy of our good friend, hairstylist Tabatha Coffey, who, in the name of "niceness," quickly put Joey's long tresses in a ponytail and snipped the whole thing off — right in the view of our audience — before getting to work.

And it wasn't just his friends who watched — his parents came, too!

No pressure, right? ?

But the end result? SO worth it! His friends were smiling, his mom was speechless — even Rach loved it.

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And, best of all, Joey loved it, too: "It just looks so much better!"

Watch the video above to see the final emotional reveal. (Rach said she could feel Joey shaking with excitement!)

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