Healthy Snack Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

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Everybody loves to snack, so why not get lots of health benefits from those yummy snacks if we can? Dr. Ian Smith's book Burn, Melt, Shred features lots of recipes, including these low-cost snack ideas that taste delicious and will keep you full for hours.  

And if you’re looking for another one of Dr. Ian’s other favorite recipes from the book, he shares his budget-friendly chili that you’re sure to love.  

1. Cheesy Tomatoes 

These are an option that kids will love just as much as adults will—and they're incredibly simple to make.  

"You just take some plum or beefsteak tomatoes, make sure you cut them at least ½ inch thick...Then you put your marinade—your extra virgin olive oil, salt, black cracked pepper, in a bowl. Then, you roast it for about 25-35 minutes at 325 degrees," explains Dr. Ian.  

"And then, you just take some parmesan and you just sprinkle it [on top]."  

Why it's good for you: "You get the antioxidants in the tomatoes and you also get some calcium and protein with the cheese," Dr. Ian says. "This is a perfect snack. And by the way, they taste like mini pizzas," he says. What's not to love about this snack? Yum!  

Get Dr. Ian's Cheesy Tomatoes recipe here

2. Avocado Crackers 

Avocado toast fans, this one's for you.  

Dr. Ian makes avocado toast into a bite-sized snack with these adorable crackers. "So, you just take a quarter of an avocado and smash it very easily. Then, put it on our crackers, top it with a little sea salt or kosher salt and balsamic vinegar." It's that simple. Dr. Ian also suggests using whole wheat or whole grain crackers because they're much better for you than regular crackers.   

Why it's good for you: "Avocados are filled with mono-saturated fats, which are the good fats. They're good for lowering you bad cholesterol levels, but also have lots of fiber," explains Dr. Ian.  

3. Chocolate-Covered Bananas 

If you're more of a sweet snack person, these chocolate-covered bananas will be your new favorites, Dr. Ian says.  

"You take some dark chocolate [and] melt it down. You can do it in the microwave or you can do it on the stove."  

"Then you take your bananas [and] cut them into little banana coins. You freeze them and then you take a toothpick and go into your chocolate. Put it on parchment paper, [and] you put it into your freezer for about 45 minutes and then you get chocolate covered bananas," he says. Even though this snack might take a bit longer to make, the reward is definitely worth it.  

Why it's good for you: "Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants—sometimes it has more antioxidants than fruit itself," reveals Dr. Ian. Plus, bananas have fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients, according to the doc.   

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