Here's How To Copy Kim Kardashian's Trendy Snow Bunny Hair

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Celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey knows a thing or two about celebrity hair trends. She even taught Rachael that the icy, platinum blonde look rocked by a number of stars (including Kim Kardashian!) is actually called "snow bunny" hair!

The snow bunny hair trend is huge in 2019, and Tabatha explained where the nickname came from. When you think of snow, you probably think white, or void of color. The snow bunny hair trend is, of course, inspired by snow in that it's a very light, very solid platinum color.

"It has that coolness to it," Tabatha says, "so it can have violet-esque tones or slight ashy, light-blue tones. It's very frosty."

Kim Kardashian

Since Kim K. is a brunette, she styled her snow bunny hair with her natural brown roots. "That makes it really, really forgiving, because as it grows in, you don't feel the need to get in there and get that retouch done all the time," Tabatha says.

If you do have naturally darker hair, Tabatha says going this light works best when it's in great condition and super healthy. And heads up, you also might not be able to get the color as light as you want it in one salon visit — especially if you have a lot of previous hair color in there.

Megan, a 20 year-old-viewer, hadn't cut her hair since the fourth grade — that's ELEVEN years! She wanted to go a lot shorter, and she's a big fan of the white-blonde celebrity hair trend. "I think it stands out, but not too much," Megan says.

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Tabatha took on the challenge of a cut-and-color hair makeover for Megan, and the result exceeded Megan's expectations.

"I don't think I've ever felt that cool looking at myself in my whole life," Megan says about seeing her new hairstyle in the mirror for the first time. "It was awesome."

"The snow bunny trend… it's not for everyone," Tabatha says, but "it looks great on her!"

Taking a page out of Kim K.'s style book, Tabatha left some of Megan's natural color in her roots, so it's more forgiving as it grows out.

Watch the video above to see Megan's hair before and after this stunning transformation!

Want to try this trend yourself? When it comes to taking care of your snow bunny hair, Tabatha recommends a color shampoo in violet. This is really important, because it will keep your color nice and frosty and stop "any warmth or yellow or brassiness coming into this beautiful pure blonde," she says.

In addition to a violet shampoo, the other key product for a blonde like this is thermal heat protector. If your flat iron or curling iron is too hot, you actually darken your blonde. "The heat of the element presses into the blonde and it's essentially like burning a white shirt," Tabatha explains, "it singes it so it makes your blonde darker."

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