Hosting a Party For The Big Game? Here Are 5 Photo-Worthy Football-Themed DIY Décor Ideas

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Décor expert and founder of women's media company "Brit + Co," Brit Morin, is the DIY MVP — and with the Super Bowl upon us, she's got five winning ideas for a cute and crafty game-day party!

1. Field Goal Ice Cream Sandwiches

field goal ice cream sandwiched
Rachael Ray Show

Spruce up your dessert offerings with field goal ice cream sandwiches!

First, decorate one half of a popsicle stick with Xs & Os as if you're drawing a football play (as Rach notes, "Xs and Os stand for offense and defense!"). Grab your ice cream sandwiches, lay them out on a tray or a plate, and stick a popsicle into the bottom of the sandwich. Then, take a piping bag filled with frosting and draw some laces on top. Pop them back in the freezer until they're ready to serve!

2. Football Field Glasses

Football Field Glasses
Rachael Ray Show

Even your glasses can be in the game day spirit! Grab a paint pen (Brit assures us they're washable so you won't ruin your cups if you're going to be drawing all over them) and draw yard lines on the side of the glass for an adorable touch. And if your drink is clear, add some food coloring to turn it green!

Guess what? The fun doesn't stop there!

Make field goal stirrers to add some more pizazz. Get some plastic straws and bend them at the neck. Cut the body of the straw in half and then marry two of the shortened straws together by pinching the bottom of one and sticking it into the other to make a goalpost. Using a hole punch, make a hole halfway in the center of the crossbar section (make sure it's big enough for a straw to fit into!). To finish it off, put another straw in that hole to make the center post.

Watch the video above to see Brit make one!

3. AstroTurf Placemats (+ Coasters)

Rachael Ray Show

To help with any game-day mess, make fun placemats with AstroTurf!

"You can pick AstroTurf up at the hardware store, it's a few dollars," Brit says.

You can cut it up into squares, draw yard lines and give them to your guests to catch any spills. And if you want to make AstroTurf coasters, just cut it into circles!

4. Play-by-Play Chalkboard

play-by-play chalkboard
Rachael Ray Show

Time to take your chalkboard for a spin! Lay it down across a table, place all your best game day snacks on it and label accordingly. You can also decorate the board by writing your own plays on it (just like we did for the ice cream sandwiches).

"If you don't have a chalkboard, you can actually buy chalkboard paint and chalkboard table runners," Brit says.

Check out her impressive board in the video above!

5. Football Piñata

If your guests aren't a fan of commercial breaks, they will love his game-day activity — a football piñata that you can DIY. (It's a perfect way to reuse empty cardboard boxes!)

Start by cutting shapes from the cardboard to mimic a football or other game-day icon. Tape the pieces together so that it's easy to break open. Use a hot glue gun to decorate the outside.

If you're making a football, like Brit and Rach do in the video above, use brown tissue paper for the outside. Cut the tissue paper into strips, but not completely. (It's as if you're making a banner of tissue paper tassels!) Then, add some white construction paper (cut into laces) for the final touch. Hang your creation up and get swinging!

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