How a Professional Designer DIYs Faux Marble Countertops For Less Than $100

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Always wished you could have marble countertops, but don't have the budget? Professional interior designer Taniya Nayak has good news for you.

She says you can DIY faux marble countertops — for less than $100!

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Taniya uses a kit, like this countertop paint kit, for example.

And here's how this one works:

First, you put the kit's primer on the surface and let it dry. Then you take a small brush to make the grey veining.

"Here's the trick: you're gonna hold the brush loosely in your hand and you're going to let it roll," Taniya says. (Watch her demonstrate with Rach in the video above.)

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You'll spray your grey veins with water so the paint starts to loosen up and dissipate. Next, take a sponge or brush and lightly feather the veins out. And if you mess up like Rach did — don't worry! Taniya says it's very easy to fix. She claims if it's still wet, you can wipe it off and start again. OR if it's dry, you can paint right over it and start again.

After that, you'll move on to the white highlighter, let it dry and finish with a topcoat.

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