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We’ve all had homes we wish we could re-do in some way or another, but who has the time to rip up carpet, gut a kitchen or put in new bathroom tile? It’s not like this stuff can be done in a minute, after all.

But some home improvements can be done in 60 seconds, according to Beth Allen, a licensed contractor, interior decorator and DIY expert.

She is doing a DIY tip every day for a year, and each one takes just ONE MINUTE.

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In the video above, she shows off a trick for removing carpet from a bedroom that requires only a utility knife. Slice through the carpet, down through the pad, and it should lift right up.

She suggests cutting the carpet into strips about 4 or 5 feet wide for easy sidewalk trash removal.

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Here are 3 more great painting tips!

How to Keep Paint From Drying Out (a.k.a. Coagulating) in the Can
Watch the video below to see how marbles can help!

What to Do When You Need to Start Painting... Then Stop... Then Start Again
Put messy paint brushes in a sealed plastic baggie and stash in the freezer so paint doesn’t dry on the brush.

How to Soften Dry, Stiff Paint Brushes
Rach calls her tip in the video below for softening dry, stiff paint brushes “brilliant,” -- and we totally agree!

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