4 Super-Useful DIY Household Hacks You MUST Try Now

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Kevin Pereira, co-host of “Hack My Life” on truTV, gives the scoop on the most useful ways to get creative with everyday household items. Here are his four handiest hacks:

A Genius Way to Inflate an Air Mattress
Don’t have an electronic inflator to fill up an air mattress? No problem ... just make your own. Cut a water bottle, and attach it to a hair dryer. Remember to select the cold-air setting before turning it on to blow up the mattress.

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The Cool Way to Stretch Out Tight Shoes
Fill two resealable plastic bags halfway with water. Make sure they’re closed tightly, and place one in each waterproofed shoe. Next, pop them (shoes and all) into the freezer. The water will expand and harden into ice. Once frozen, remove the shoes from the freezer, let the bags defrost and voila: stretched-out shoes.

An Easy Way Zip Yourself Up
The struggle is real: Unless you’re pretty flexible, it’s nearly an impossible task to zip up the back of your own dress. The super easy fix: Using just a safety pin and ribbon, fasten the safety pin (that’s tied to the ribbon) to the zipper, and use the ribbon to zip yourself up.

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Here’s How to Quickly Chill Cans
To chill cans of beer, soda or seltzer, try using a compressed air duster. Place cans in a sealed container, pierce a hole in it and spray air into the container. This should drop the temperature of the liquid, chilling the beverages.

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