Turn a $20 Rug Into a Masterpiece + 3 More Thrifty DIY Design Fake-Outs

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If you’re living in a rental or a dorm room on a tight budget, you might feel like your decorating options are pretty limited.

Not anymore!

Interior designer Genevieve Gorder has DIY furniture design fake-outs that’ll make your space look like a thousand bucks, but for WAY less. Get her tips below!

Turn a Plain $20 Rug Into a Masterpiece
Using tape, create a geometric pattern on the rug and color it in with a thick permanent marker. When you remove the tape, the rug will look like it cost $100 bucks!

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Upgrade Your Countertops for Just $4
Contact paper may have gone out of fashion many decades ago, but there are still so many great uses for it -- like this one! Find one with a marble pattern and use it to cover your countertops. Use a piece of glass to protect it, and you now have countertops that look like real marble for $4 instead of $100! You could also use this tip on coffee tables, windowsills and tabletops.

Turn a Boring, Weathered Deck Into One That Pops
Over the years, decks can become worn, dull and weathered. Make it look pretty again with a stencil, floor or porch paint, and a simple foam roller. Check out the video above to see how an entire deck can look with this simple facelift!

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Give Old, Dated Appliances a Facelift
Duct tape just might be the eighth wonder of the world -- mainly because you can do pretty much anything with it! Make costumes, repairs, handbags, and in this case, prettifying not-so-pretty looking appliances. Genevieve used a metallic gold tape in a stripe pattern on a mini fridge to give it a fun, new look. Check it out in the video above!

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