How Can You Get Rid Of a Stomach Ache Fast? Try Acupressure

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When it comes to a question about stomach aches, who better than gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj to answer it? 

"I travel a lot for work," an NYC pharmacy shopper told us, "and sometimes I get stomach aches when I'm running around town. Is there any way I can fix that or do something if I don't have medicine on me?"

Paging Dr. Raj!

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For starters, if you suffer from stomach aches often, the doctor suggests making an appointment with a gastroenterologist like herself.

In the meantime, though, she suggests a quick pain reliever that doesn't involve any medicine — acupressure.

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"[It's a] quick and easy trick you can do on the road [if] you have no access to medicine or a pharmacy," Dr. Raj says. 

The pressure point she demonstrates is the width of four fingers above your navel. 

"Apply pressure gently in a circular motion for about five minutes," the doctor suggests. "This is one of the pressure points that does seem to help with abdominal pain."

Like Dr. Raj said, though, talk to your doctor if you're experiencing significant and/or frequent stomach pain.

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