How Did "The Breakfast Club" Change Molly Ringwald's Parenting?

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Get this — so many of us grew up watching Molly Ringwald that when she visited our show for the very first time, we (including Rach!) were convinced that she had been here before. (We feel like we know her!)

But she hadn't! So naturally, we couldn't not talk about "The Breakfast Club" during her first visit.

"One great lesson that I learned from watching 'The Breakfast Club' with my daughter was I needed to lay off the homework thing," Molly explains, as she reflects on watching the 1985 film with her now-15-year-old daughter when she was 10.

"And I didn't know that. It took a movie that I made almost 40 years ago, and I thought, 'Ok, this movie still taught me something,' which is that I was putting way too much pressure on her, and I had to just take myself out of that equation. So once I realized that, and let her take care of the homework, our relationship improved so much."

And does "The Breakfast Club" hold up after all these years?

"It really was a product of the time, and there were things that we considered appropriate at the time, that are not," Molly tells Rach of watching it with her daughter. "And a lot of people say, 'It's not as fun now, we're so politically correct,' but I think you can still have a good time and evolve."

Speaking of evolving, the "Riverdale" actress also reveals how she and her husband parent their nine-year-old twins, Adele and Roman, differently when it comes to social media use

"I think it's always the same thing; when you have more than one kid, you make a lot of mistakes with the first one, you learn a lot of stuff, so [our older daughter] has a lot more freedom, and the second time around, my husband and I both think, 'Okay, they're not getting the internet as early, they're not getting social media – we're going to string this out as long as we can go.' And so far, so good. They're really happy."

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