How These Dog Owners Got Their 2 Pups to Actually POSE For Over-the-Top Photos

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New York City streets are no stranger to furry friends, but these two pups -- Agador (@poochofnyc on Instagram with 132k followers!), and his little brother Fred (@littlefreddietinkles with 30.8k followers) -- are two of the coolest dogs to grace the Big Apple (and the Internet!), thanks to their hilarious poses and over-the-top wardrobe.

We caught up with their owners, Francis and Allan, who dressed their dog babies up in leather jackets to visit our show. Agador was even sporting some pretty chic sunglasses!

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So, how do they train the four and two year old pooches to hold their hilarious poses?

“We taught them when they were very young,” Francis tells us. But he admits that Agador naturally began posing with one paw up from a young age. (It was always to beg for food at the dinner table—LOL!)

Because we can never let pups visit without giving them a treat, these two dynamic doggos left our show with a full YEAR’s supply of Nutrish dog food!

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